About Us

Wild North Resources, LLC biologists possess a diverse Alaska based background in fish, marine mammals, wildlife, and hydrologic studies.  Our expertise includes collecting field data for habitat use characterization for salmonids, beluga whales, seals, ESA listed and other avian species and more. Our technical expertise ranges from baseline data collection, reporting, and project management to writing environmental impact statements (EIS), and addressing public comments. Our staff has expertise in streambank restoration, mitigation planning, permitting, culvert installation fish monitoring, literature reviews, aerial surveys, and radio telemetry to name a few. This diverse biological expertise comes from working entirely within Alaska for nearly a decade supporting numerous projects.

Our environmental scientists conduct environmental investigations, remediation and reclamation services (surface water, groundwater, air, and soil), site evaluations (Phase 1 and 2), bathymetry surveys, environmental monitoring (NPDES compliance), and contaminant source identification and analysis. We provide support for Alaska wastewater and marine monitoring projects and vessel waste handling and treatment systems, and maintain marine oil spill dispersant monitoring equipment. Our staff has worked on a wide variety of projects and environmental conditions from the Arctic Coastal Plain to southcentral Alaska.

Our GIS Specialist has 10 years of experience working on numerous transportation, public works, cultural, environmental, infrastructure, and wildlife habitat mapping studies. We work in ArcGIS Spatial and 3D Analyst extensions, Terrasync, ArcPad, & Nobeltec, cartography and graphics development.  

Our wilderness safety experts known as Wilderness Safety Specialist (Bear Guards) are highly skilled Alaska based outdoorsmen that understand Alaska conditions, the wildlife, and safe firearm handling. Our staff supports scientists and others working in remote Alaska to provide them with protection from a dangerous wildlife encounter.  This involves providing trained personnel (more than 20 years of experience) that understand wildlife behavior to respond and react appropriately in each unique situation.  

We provide logistical and administrative support for projects, as well as apply for grants and other technical services. Our project scientists have experience with grant funding and provide other technical writing services as needed. We also provide administrative staff to projects to assist with short or long term administrative needs such as with the EIS process; including organizing public comment meetings, comment tracking management, organization, and maintenance of the administrative record. 

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