Biological Services

Wild North Resources (WNR) specializes in providing superior biological expertise for fish, wildlife, and marine mammal studies in Alaska. Our lead biologist Ms. Cunningham has worked on projects located on the Arctic Coastal Plain to southwest Alaska providing support for a variety of mining and oil and gas related projects.  WNR provides the full spectrum of expertise required to successfully complete each project including: logistics, permitting, field data collection, reporting and project management.


Our biological staff supports clients working through the NEPA process, which includes writing Environmental Assessments (EA), Environmental Impact Statement’s (EIS), addressing public comments and more. Our diverse biological expertise in Alaska provides us with the background knowledge required for writing and editing the necessary NEPA resource content. Other expertise includes conducting literature reviews, developing habitat enhancement plans, restoration and mitigation plans, permitting, and regulatory compliance. marine mammal seals surveys alaska

Biological Assessments conducted:

Marine mammal

  • Temporal and spatial habitat use (aerial, boat and land based) -  beluga whales, harbor seals
  • Behavioral observations, photo identification, photo catalog management
  • Molting and pupping surveys


  • Salmonid spawning habitat use, rearing, escapement surveys, and habitat characterization
  • Coho tissue contaminants analysismarine mammal monitoring beluga
  • Lake inventory level assessments, fish presence and water quality (Arctic Surveys)
  • Transmitter implantation and tracking of Rainbow trout to document seasonal habitat use  and movement patterns
  • Habitat assessment including contaminant analysis of anadromous stream substrates
  • Assessment of culverts impeding fish passage in southcentral Alaska
  • Streambank rehabilitation application including in-stream features
  • Stream discharge and water quality assessments


  • Telemetry tracking (satellite and VHF), morphometrics, banding  
  • Habitat use and distribution, habitat characterization, behavioral observations
  • Threatened and Endangered species habitat use surveys
  • Aerial and ground based nest surveysArctic fish studies scientific consulting


Examples of Existing and Past Projects:

Alaska Stand Alone Gas Pipeline EIS (Alaska Gasline Development Corporation - AGDC)

  • Review and edit ASAP EIS Chapters: Water, Vegetation, Wetlands, Wildlife, Fish, T and E Species, Marine Mammals and Mitigation.  Address public and agency comments.

Permit Compliance for Culvert Install - Nordaq Energy, Inc

  • Conducted the field based permit compliance for culvert install in an andromous stream

Lake Inventory Surveys in the NPRA and Barrow, Alaska – PRA and North Slope Borough

  • Conducted fish and water quality inventories in lakes proposed for water use for exploration purposes on the North Slope.

Coho Metal Analysis of Tissue, Sediment, and Water Study; and Spring Water Quality Summary Report; Mine Site Lakes Preliminary Water Quality Assessment Summary Report for Chuitna Coal Project – Pacrim Coal, LP

  • Conducted field research required for baseline assessment and reporting for a proposed coal mine project.


fish collection salmonStreambank restroration fish habitatarctic fish stickleback