Environmental Services

Wild North Resources has a diverse staff of environmental scientists who possess a variety of environmental expertise for sampling, monitoring, permitting, and reporting for public and private sector clients in Alaska.

Environmental Monitoring

Wild North Resources conducts the environmental monitoring for NPDES compliance and reporting to the USEPA and the ADEC for authorized discharges into U.S. waters for oil and gas exploration projects. The monitoring requirements include boat based sampling of hydrodynamic, hydrographic, sediment, and water quality data in the Cook Inlet. Regular monitoring, sampling, and reporting of approved discharges to comply with effluent limits from oil and gas facilities.  Discharge effluent compliance includes mud and cuttings, domestic and sanitary wastewater, deck drainage, and other waste streams.

Our staff also conducts air quality monitoring and compliance for air emissions and reporting as per Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) permit requirements. Our staff is certified in the visible determination of the opacity of emissions from stationary sources as a requirement of 40 CFR 60 Appendix A.

Lake Bathymetry Surveys

Our staff collects bathymetric data and water quality from lakes surveyed for water use during the winter for oil and gas exploration on the North Slope of Alaska. Our GIS staff calculates the water volume from bathymetric data collected from lakes surveyed to estimate the percent of water in the waterbody that can be withdrawn to prevent harm to fish and invertebrate life.

Surface and Groundwater Monitoring

Our expertise with surface water monitoring includes stream gauging, stream, lake, and spring/seep sampling and reporting water quality and contaminants.  Our experience with stream gauging includes data downloads, installation in the stream substrate, and regular maintenance in addition to physically gauge the stream with a top set wading rod and flow meter. Metal analysis of fine sediment material collected in streams to document baseline contaminants.

Groundwater sampling and monitoring includes well development and analysis.  Our staff purges wells following excavation to clean the system to assess the true water quality of the aquifer(s). We conduct baseline monitoring of the water quality temporally to document seasonal changes of the hydrologic system.

Contaminant Source Evaluations and Analysis Phase 1 and 2

Our staff conducts comprehensive site inspections and evaluations, database searches and all support necessary to assess the real estate (Phase 1 environmental site assessments - ESA’s). We also provide project management for the Phase 2 component including excavation and removal for contaminated soils, wastes, sediments and buried drums. Removal of underground and aboveground storage tanks, asbestos inspection and abatement, and decontamination /decommissioning.  These tasks include hydro-geologic interpretation and analysis, remedial action plans and cost estimates.


GIS Analysis and Mapping Services

Our GIS Analyst has considerable experience with ArcGIS Spatial and 3-D Analyst.  Expertise includes data collection, conversion, and land use analysis, assembling, processing, formatting, and loading base map data layers.  Experienced in cartography, graphics, data dictionary design, Terrasync, ArcPad, and Nobeltec software, terrain bathymetry modeling, volumetrics, orthophoto and raster interpretation and processing. We design relational databases, and map vegetation and wetland habitat, cultural resources, infrastructure, public works, and transportation projects.

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