Biological Services

Fish and Aquatic Studies

Salmonid and resident fisheries surveys across Alaska from the Arctic to southwest Alaska for baseline and inventory level assessments.

  • Aerial escapement surveys for all 5 species of Alaskan salmonidsfisheries biological assessment alaska
  • Spawning habitat surveys
  • Rearing habitat characterization assessments
  • Radio telemetry surveys
  • Tissue collection and analysis (egg and muscle tissue)
  • Benthos and macro-invertebrate surveys and identification
  • Culvert installation permit compliance
  • Fish passage surveys
  • Mitigation planning for proposed altered fish habitat projects
  • Lake Inventory surveys
  • Streambank habitat restoration and rehabilitation
  • Water quality analysis (marine and freshwater)

Wildlife studies

Wild North Resources, LLC conducts field surveys for baseline wildlife studies in Alaska for permit compliance and reporting.

  • Life history studiesAquatic invertebrate scientific sampling Alaska
  • Aerial surveys
  • Spatial and temporal habitat use
  • Mark and recapture studies
  • Radio and satellite telemetry surveys
  • Habitat  characterization and nesting surveys
  • ESA and sensitive species habitat use studies

Marine Mammal Monitoring and Assessment

  • Boat and Land-based surveys of marine mammals
  • Aerial Surveys (molting and pupping surveys)
  • Behavior surveys and assessment
  • Photo ID cataloging

NEPA Process and Permitting Support

  • NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) document preparation;
    • Biological Assessment (BA), Environmental Assessment (EA), Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • Present to communities affected during public comment periodScientific benthic sampling Cook Inlet
  • Respond and address public and agency comments
  • NPDES compliance - monitoring and reporting

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Monitoring in Cook Inlet
  • Lake bathymetry surveys on North Slope
  • Remediation and reclamation services
  • Contaminant Source Evaluations and Analysis
  • Surface and groundwater assessment

Environmental Monitoring

  • NPDES compliance (EPA and ADEC)
  • Air Quality Opacity readings and certification
  • Boat based monitoring in Cook Inlet  river hydrology samples
    • hydrodynamic, hydrographic, sediment and water quality
  • Rig-based monitoring, compliance, and reporting
  • ADEC certified samplers

Lake Bathymetry Surveys

  • Fish presence investigations
  • Water quality analysis in lakes surveyed for water use during winter exploration
  • Water volume calculation for withdrawal during winter exploration
  • Invertebrate surveys and assessment

Remediation and Reclamation Services

  • Soil investigations and remediation
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Experience with ADEC investigations, monitoring, and remediation projectsAlaska Bear guard services

Contaminant Source Evaluations and Analysis

  • Conduct Phase 1 Site Evaluations and Baseline Analysis for source contaminants
  • Complete Phase 2 Analysis for small and large projects in Alaska

GIS Analysis and Mapping Services

  • Personnel with more than 10 years experience in ArcGIS Spatial and 3-D Analyst extensions, Cartography and graphics
  • Vast experience with Terrasync, ArcPad, & Nobeltec software
  • Terrain & bathymetry modeling, volumetrics
  • Orthophoto and raster interpretation/processing

Wilderness Safety Specialists

  • Support and protect personnel from a dangerous wildlife encounter when working in remote areas of Alaska
  • Safety specialists trained in Wilderness First Aid, firearm safety, and bear awareness and hazing
  • Experienced Alaskan bear guards protecting personnel and wildlife from harmstream surveys Alaska flow
  • Staff with more than 20 years relevant experience

Other Services

  • Technical Writing Support
  • Logistics

water quality sampling