Wilderness Safety Specialists


The purpose of our Wilderness Safety Specialists (WSS) is to support and protect personnel working in remote Alaska from a dangerous wildlife encounter. Another common term used for Wilderness Safety Specialist is “bear guard”.


Our WSS have spent numerous hours in remote Alaska protecting others from a dangerous wildlife encounter on various projects from the North Slope to Southwest Alaska. Most of our WSS have more than 20 years of relevant Alaskan experience; this includes working as hunting guides, bear guards, and living and or recreating in Alaska as hunters and outdoorsmen.  They have the navigational expertise for exploring the back country and the fitness to do the job. 


Our WSS have obtained the appropriate training and experience to conduct their job effectively and safely. This includes on the ground field experience to bear arms in protection of others, Wilderness First Aid training and CPR/AED, bear avoidance and hazing techniques, lethal, less-than-lethal, and non-lethal application, and helicopter safety.  Our WSS are Alaska residents that are prepared for all environmental conditions and understand wildlife behavior. This knowledge is very important in order to avoid areas where a dangerous encounter is likely.


The most important aspect of our WSS is that they are experts in the field, and know how and when to react in each potentially life threatening situation.  Anyone can carry a firearm in the field, but being an excellent marksman, knowing your firearm in and out, being able to react instantly and appropriately takes a lot of skill. The result of inexperienced firearm users could include wounding and/or killing an animal unnecessarily, or being mauled or injured.


Our philosophy is to protect personnel and wildlife from harm. The lethal option is always the last. Our services allow personnel to work or recreate in remote areas of Alaska without the stress of having to worry about a potentially dangerous wildlife encounter. Our clients can focus on their work and collect the data they need and have peace of mind that they are protected.

 Alaska Bear guard services

WSS Expertise and Training

  • Wilderness First Aid
  • EMT trained
  • Bear avoidance and hazing
  • Firearm Safety
  • Endangered Species Protection
  • Wilderness and Hunting Guide
  • Helicopter training
  • Polar bear trainedBear guard protection services

Examples of Deterrents used

  • Bear spray
  • Air horn
  • Rubber & bean bag bullets
  • Lethal ammunition



Black Bear Guard protection

Staff experience with past projects 

·         Chuitna Coal Project (Pacrim Coal)

·         Pebble Project (Pebble Partnership)

·         Alaska Pipeline Project (Exxon and TransCanada)




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